How it works

Select the brand categories on whose thank-you pages you would like your products to be showcased.

Our AI-powered matching algorithm will curate a list of products from your catalog based on the customer and the hosting brand.

Marcus completes a purchase on his favorite brand’s webstore. On the thank-you page he sees your product, which complements the item he has just bought - he clicks through to your web store and buys it.

Acquire new customers at 10x ROAS

Network with 4M+ customers

Reward your customers and they'll keep coming back for more


What permissions do we need to integrate our app?

For Co-Promote. read access to orders and products - need this so we can access product content (which is what we use as ad content) and orders to make our analytics work

Will I be getting a detailed analysis of Clicks & Impressions on Co-Promote?

Yes! We provide analytics such as Impressions, Reach, Clicks & Conversions, as well as breakdowns on traffic across your partnerships.

Can I only choose to work with only certain brands in Co-Promote?

Yes, you can sort & filter which brands you want to exclude from your network in our Co-Promote dashboard if you think it’s inappropriate. However, our Co-Promote algorithm is smart enough to only pair you with brands that are a good fit for you so you don’t need to worry.

Do I have to contact other brands who I want to Co-Promote with?

No, every brand we onboard will be part of our Friendly Brands Club, and our algorithm will choose brands you have high synergy with automatically.